“Damn, that’s a mission!”

Yesterday morning was a really good time for me. First, I reached almost the bottom [sic] of the Sounder line in Tacoma and slung back to Seattle on the commuter train [sic]. Then, it was an intermediate trip to the University of Washington Seattle, in which then I took it [sic] to Bellevue. Afterwards, it was a long trip to Lynnwood and then [sic] to the top of the Sounder line, Everett Station. Two really slow BRT routes (Swift and RapidRide E-line) followed my landing at Everett Station; [then I] touched back down in Seattle [sic] late afternoon. In several short traffic bottlenecks, I got to Mount Rainier High School in the evening [sic]. Really ambitious trip itinerary [sic] that would have cost at least $30 if it weren’t for the In Motion program.

I was on the 535 to Lynnwood when a kid sat right next to me in the back. Given how this was over two years ago, I did not know the conversation started.

Near Alderwood Mall

Kid: So where are you coming from?

Fa’aumu (also a kid): Seattle. I’m traveling long distances by transit.

Kid: Like, where?

Fa’aumu: Went all the way to Tacoma. Took the train to Seattle, and then took the bus to UW. Got to Bellevue, and now I’m here, trying to get to Everett before coming back down [to Des Moines].

Kid: Damn, that’s a mission!

Fa’aumu: I know, right?

Kid: How do you not get lost?

Fa’aumu: Well…I just know my routes.

…But that was only the very beginning of my long-distance ventures out in the suburbs of the Puget Sound Region. Believe me, I did not regret doing this one bit. The one issue was that there was a Samoan Arts competition I needed to get to that evening. Other than that, keep this a secret, will you? This entire trip here is part of what makes me bad@**. #transithero #originsofincognito

Routes involved in my 10-hour total carnage on Puget Sound asphalt

King County Metro

  • A-Line — Tukwila to SeaTac
  • E-Line — Aurora Village to Seattle
  • 26 (local, defunct) — Seattle to Seattle
  • 73X (defunct) — Seattle to University District
  • 120 — White Center to Ambaum
  • 128 — White Center to Tukwila
  • 131 — Seattle to White Center
  • 156 — SeaTac to Des Moines
  • 271 — University District to Bellevue

Community Transit

  • Swift Blue Line — Everett Station to Aurora Village
  • 512X — Lynnwood to Everett
  • 535X — Bellevue to Lynnwood

Pierce Transit

  • 560X — Ambaum to SeaTac
  • 574X — SeaTac to Tacoma

Sound Transit

  • Sounder — Tacoma to King Street
  • Link — International District to Westlake

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