This song inspires me

Some of you know I’m a big fan of Maisey Rika, a Māori musician who in my opinion made some pretty timeless songs and music videos even to today’s standards. One of my favorite songs, “Letting Go”, has a montage where Maisey hitchhikes on a truck bound for Helensville, a rural Auckland area town. The CBD portion of the hitchhike reminded me of the CBD I saw while I was there in person 10 years later. So, I decided to investigate what streets the truck drove by while Maisey shot her music video. The only clue I gotten during this montage was the part where the truck passed by Hanover Finance adjacent to the Auckland Art Gallery, the former of which I later found is located at 2 Kitchener Street.

This is the street where the truck drove.

Why am I talking about this? I do think this is inspiring to some degree, not only because these specific places remain present 10 years later, but because of how Maisey eloquently demonstrates the beauty of moving across different spaces. This song’s all about liberation: breaking free from societal expectations and even toxic men! Going to the outskirts of the city reminds me of something I often do when life in the city gets too stale or overwhelming. And when I return to my old degenerate ways, I’m alive and loving the space I move across more than ever. God d***. The lesson to take away: When you feel like you been locked up too long, take a bus somewhere and listen to this song. You’d be amazed at what comes out of it. That’s it. See you.

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