Through story, I commentate on topics including public transport, knowledge and universities, overcoming trauma, and witchcraft.

Tālofa. Fa’aumu Kaimana kʷə dsdaʔ. I am an aspiring researcher and PhD student in sociocultural anthropology at University of Minnesota. I grew up on public transport, overcame a number of personal traumas, became one of the most celebrated graduates of University of Washington, and began to practice witchcraft. Also known colloquially as dǰ pišpiš, I’m the coolest cat you’ll ever meet. In my commentary, I focus on building bridges across people, communities, and institutions. My writing style ranges from academic to poetic and somewhere in between. I also make space just to talk about life in general. Let’s scratch this post together.


Critical Acclaim


Feel free to contact me by email:
faaumukaimana [at] gmail.com