“Damn, that’s a mission!”

Yesterday morning was a really good time for me. First, I reached almost the bottom [sic] of the Sounder line in Tacoma and slung back to Seattle on the commuter train [sic]. Then, it was an intermediate trip to the University of Washington Seattle, in which then I took it [sic] to Bellevue. Afterwards, it was a long trip to Lynnwood and then [sic] to the top of the Sounder line, Everett Station. Two really slow BRT routes (Swift and RapidRide E-line) followed my landing at Everett Station; [then I] touched back down in Seattle [sic] late afternoon. In several short traffic bottlenecks, I got to Mount Rainier High School in the evening [sic]. Really ambitious trip itinerary [sic] that would have cost at least $30 if it weren’t for the In Motion program.

I was on the 535 to Lynnwood when a kid sat right next to me in the back. Given how this was over two years ago, I did not know the conversation started. Continue reading ““Damn, that’s a mission!””

Orion VII Visits UW

Orion VII. These were the new buses during my middle school years. Metro received at least 200 of these between 2010-2012 (they sold the prototype to BAE Systems for dissection and engineering ;( ). At first, it seemed that nobody was interested in these buses. Alternately, nobody was interested in a 13-year old bus freak who talks about Gilligs and New Flyers and the new Orions during Language Arts. If I could put speakers on the back of these things, I would blast out Flo Rida’s “Good Feeling” and “Wild Ones”–some of the many jams my peers on Route 128 would listen to. Continue reading “Orion VII Visits UW”