The Last Stand II: A Shameless Plug for Research Family

Earlier this week, I dropped some fire at API Cares about their tokenization and marginalization of Pacific Islander students. Let’s stop for a minute and pose a serious question: If API Cares (perhaps under a new identity) moves to focus on the Asian American student community, what spaces are available for Pacific Islander students to talk about and advocate for mental health awareness in their communities? It’s a serious question because there are currently no student organizations at UW that specifically focus on mental health for the Pacific Islander student community (short of API Cares). But I argue that Pacific Islander students have already been creating such resources for their communities. This group has been under my nose the whole time that I have been arguing with API Cares. It’s called Research Family.Continue reading “The Last Stand II: A Shameless Plug for Research Family”

“API Cares”: The Last Stand

It’s been one and a half weeks since I turned in my senior Honors thesis, and my transition to the real world has been, well, incomplete. So yesterday like all other days of an academic quarter, I got up and consumed some bacon grease when I saw a message from one of my buddies at API Cares asking me to speak to the new board next week about the issues that come with the term “API.”
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An apology

Dear family, friends, and colleagues,

Last night was a tough night on the ground for everyone involved in the federal courthouse march. I had been listening in on Seattle PD radio dispatch as three distict events unfolded and diverged; looking for and relaying key information to a friend by Messenger. Whether or not it was helpful could really only be determined by my friend at this point.Continue reading “An apology”

I went from “half-***” to “legendary” in a matter of years.

These past few days have been very big days for me. Gillian and I commenced a very complex photo operation that involved rescuing ti leaves from Seattle’s industrial district, and keeping 2 meters away from each other at all times as we scaled campus the next day. This is just one of the examples of the great work we did during our operation.Continue reading “I went from “half-***” to “legendary” in a matter of years.”

A question on the UW President’s Medal Candidate application

Let’s ponder this for a minute. “Did you participate in professional or service organizations?” Doesn’t that question remind you of something?

To me, that question reminds me of Robert Putnam’s (2010) seminal article, “Bowling Alone: America’s Declining Social Capital.” That article is a reflection of elitist fears that America’s social capital is declining. I’m going to unpack that here.Continue reading “A question on the UW President’s Medal Candidate application”

We Did It

Dear family, friends, and colleagues,

The coronavirus uprooted everyone’s lives and caused major disruptions around the world. But it failed to keep this public announcement under its grip. After a mere 30-day delay, I am proud to announce that I have been selected as a 2020 University of Washington Husky 100. You can view who the Husky 100 are at I want to honor Dr. Holly Barker, Lorna Hamill, Kai Wise, Jon Olivera, Tami Hohn and countless other folks who have helped and shaped me throughout my undergraduate education at UW. First Nations at UW, Research Family, and the Southern Lushootseed learning communities also deserve my full and sincere gratitude. Whether we make frybread, ponder some of the most mysterious roots of a Lushootseed phrase, or critique the shrinkage of “Exclusive Economic Zones” in the Pacific, I feel valued as a family member. Few groups at UW has been as welcoming, inclusive and deeply personal to me.Continue reading “We Did It”

Commencement 2020 and that lingering public announcement

This post was originally published in The Daily UW on 17 April 2020.

It’s come to this time. While COVID-19 has shown some of the ugliest things that can happen during a global emergency, many people rose up to the challenge of beating down the pandemic. From the advocates in White Center who spoke out against King County’s decision to locate a quarantine site in the neighborhood, to public transport unions who fight to maintain safe worksites for bus and train operators. From doctors, grocers, cops, researchers, and many more who have a direct stake in public safety and health, to folks of privilege who uphold their simple responsibility of staying home and away from others (physically). Everyone is playing a part in our collective mission to beat the virus.Continue reading “Commencement 2020 and that lingering public announcement”