Lushootseed Bus Timetables Project

Masks are required on public transport.

To celebrate Indigenous Peoples’ Day 2020, I am posting to this website a collection of King County Metro timetable covers that I edited. Language is derived from the Burke Museum’s Waterlines project map, and their second edition is posted at this link: The work began as my final project for the Northwest Indigenous Architectures and Placemaking class (Autumn 2019). Its purpose is to disrupt our settler colonial knowledge on place and space across the Seattle area, using public transport to aid in the awareness and knowledge of Indigenous placemaking. Since the initial work, I continue to expand the scope of the project, adding new routes while keeping up with the regular service shakeups.

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What are the caveats?

These timetables are meant to be used as mnemonic devices in conjunction with the Waterlines Map to learn Lushootseed place names.

Due to the COVID 19 pandemic, public transport agencies highly discourage leisure trips on public transport. All public transport agencies in the Puget Sound region charge tariffs, and masks are required under state law.

Locations are approximate. Where possible, the places mentioned on the timetables are within walking distance from the route terminal or the closest bus stop. Consult the Waterlines Map, the regular Metro timetables, and your favorite mapping app for direction.

Most of the place names are derived from the Waterlines Map. The major exceptions are routes that pass through White Center (ʔalʔal) and the region’s hospitals (x̌əɬaltxʷ), as well as Route 187 (huy̓).

Not all Metro routes will be included in this collection because of the limited data available in the Waterlines Map. New data may emerge or change, and may be included in future editions of the Waterlines Map.

I do not profit from this endeavor, and folks wanting one or more timetable covers will only be charged for print production charges.

King County Metro was not involved in this project, and the agency assumes no responsibility for anything resulting from the work I do. Use their website for correct transit information and regularly published schedules:


I am grateful for Tami Hohn (Puyallup) who regularly provides language guidance in my research and project endeavors.

We stand here today to recognise the stewards of Coast Salish lands, the original and current caretakers: Duwamish Suquamish, Tulalip, and Muckleshoot. Our hands go up and recognition spreads.

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September 2020 Collection

September 19, 2020 thru March 19, 2021 / More coming soon!