Research Family colleague takes home Husky 100

“Our ancestors planted the seeds so that we can inherit the shade.”

Author’s note: Post published with Rona’s blessings. You can view the 2021 Husky 100 on their WordPress site: https://www.washington.edu/husky100/

What’s up everybody, it’s dǰ pišpiš. Sit down folks, because we’re going to have a tender moment. Right here, besides the fireplace drinking knock-off Coca-Cola and playing craps in the ways we know how. I told many stories about my youth, from getting ‘ava at a fool’s shop along the H-1 motorway in O’ahu, to busting my own **** during high school Spanish class in the boys bathroom. It’s times when we share in the humor, seriousness, and sometimes thought-provoking moments I appreciate the relationships and sense of community that come from our interactions. In this post, I want to tell a different story, one that showcases the spirit of family and resilience in a challenging educational environment.

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Alleged serial thief and self-proclaimed “Massive moron” could have put bus riders in big trouble with U.S. Homeland Security

Facebook profile of the alleged thief, a lad who lives in Canada. For reasons I explain in the preamble, I will not reveal his name nor exact location.

Editorial note: A Canadian transit forum indicated the first two thefts happened on or around 24 and 25 August, respectively. The erroneous dates of 8 and 9 September were based on posts made by bus fans on Facebook about the same incidents a few weeks later. I apologise for the errors.

When you think about bus fans, do you think about someone who takes pictures of buses? Do you think of someone who knows the make, model, and trim of every bus they observe? Do you think of NUMTOTs, a specific community of fanners who espouse liberal ideals of car-free places through investments in public transport infrastructure?

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I made $8.42/hour tutoring high schoolers in a Seattle suburb during COVID

Unveiling exploitation of AmeriCorps volunteers in emergency circumstances

$8.42/hour. Is that even legal?

What’s up everybody, it’s dǰ pišpiš. And I feel screwed over. Twice, actually.

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Political possibilities lie at the intersection of legacy RSOs and small student groups

What’s up everybody, it’s dǰ pišpiš. Last month, my friend sent me a screenshot of a now-deleted tweet from a fellow student activist. Basically, it claimed Asian Americans for Mental Health (AAMH at UW; formerly API Cares) changed its name because it didn’t want to try to include Pacific Islander students. After a brief consultation with me, my friend wrote back, pointing out Pacific Islander student advocacy and thoughtful consideration of the term “API” went into the name change. It was at that point the student activist understood, chose to remove the misinformation, and carried on.

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Angry ‘Redditors’ gaslight opinion editor of colour on the UW Daily website: It makes me furious

In his recent article on spring break and its relationship to ongoing colonial violence, Menchavez writes,

There’s something sinister about a white person who is unaware of their white supremacy and racism and instead is shrouded by the false guise of their “wokeness” – they simply can’t see the violence they perpetuate because they learned what “intersectionality” was in a lecture and reside in a “liberal” school like the UW.

I would like to add there’s something sinister about white ‘Redditors’ who storm Menchavez’s The Daily articles and post some terrifyingly racist comments under covert guises – without seeing the violence they perpetuate because they think racism is non-existent and that the world revolves around them.

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Woo! Yeah baby! That’s what I’ve been waiting for.

One year ago, the prospect of applying to postgraduate programs felt daunting to me. After what was one of the most unusual and challenging application seasons programmes and applicants alike have seen, I am excited to announce that I have received—and accepted—an offer of admission for the Anthropology PhD program at University of Minnesota, which begins in Autumn 2021.

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I performed spiritbending in one of my dreams

It’s been a while since I posted on Incognito Transit, and there’s a lot to update you folks on. Just prior to my postgraduate application interview at University of Minnesota, I posted a video detailing the ridiculousness of Microsoft’s new account creation anti-spam ‘game.’ The ‘game’ was so f***ing difficult, I wasted at least three hours trying to create a Skype account. To beat the ‘game,’ I had to look at a series of six different dice rolls and choose the set of dice that add up to 14. If I made an error throughout the series or wasted too much time on a single dice roll, I had to start over from the beginning. It was so frustrating, I ended up sending my video to all the tech magazines that I knew of. Then, I decided that leaving the raw video of my rampage on Facebook was going to eventually come back and bite me in the *****. I decided to take a break from Facebook so I can concentrate on what really mattered at the time: finishing my postgraduate application interview, and making sure kids at the high school I volunteer at don’t see the hell I rained down on Microsoft.

With that said, I am really enjoying my social media vacation. In addition to spending 4 evenings a week with the Indigenous Research Families at UW, I began a few personal projects to tackle the practical and emotional demands of working and living on my own. Shortly after vacating Facebook, I took on the increasingly audacious task of replacing a slow hard drive with a fast solid state drive (SSD). It was such a satisfying project, knowing my computer will last for as long as remote learning demands. I also began my waterbending training once again, which was interrupted early last year due to the emergence of coronavirus. The resumption of my training proved to be well-timed because one night earlier this February, several non-corporeal dark spirits visited me in my sleep. I didn’t what to do at the time. I just managed to perform spiritbending to pacify the dark spirits and continue my sleep. How that happened and why is beyond me. Later that same week though, I received a final decision on my University of Minnesota postgraduate application. More on that decision to follow in the next blog post.

If my newly discovered ability to spiritbend has your jaws wide open, that’s a good thing. The stressors of coronavirus has everyone clenching their jaws at their own personal demise. All that aside though, I’m letting you know I’m planning to be back on Facebook soon. The video I posted about the dice game will be gone by then, but I’m planning to edit out the parts that serve nothing more than my own embarassment. There’s definitely a lot of exciting things come this Spring, which include an analysis of the 2021 Husky 100, some new poems, and of course the outcomes of my postgraduate applications. Stay tuned for more updates. That’s it. See you.

The Husky 100 is not dead

What’s up everybody, it’s dǰ pišpiš. Since the emergence of coronavirus in Washington State, University of Washington had been scrambling to figure out how to best support students in what ended up being a prolonged transition through remote learning. These challenges will be no different as students and faculty continue this transition into 2021. But during the much-needed Winter Break, at a time when departments and units were gearing up for Winter Quarter 2021, Student Life is preparing to accept the next cohort of the Husky 100.

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The day the boys bathroom stood still

Credit: Flickr user Jason Wilson

What’s up everybody, it’s dǰ pišpiš. This is more of a story and less of a usual commentary post. I attended a small high school that shared a campus with two other small schools. The campus was a collection of smaller buildings, sort of what you would find at a college campus. My school had a couple of buildings, a lab, and a portable to itself. However, one of the buildings has the school’s only bathrooms, so we students frequently move between buildings during class just to use the facilities.

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20 Durable Moments of 2020 on a Tier List

The full 2020 Durable Moments tier list

What’s up everyone. It’s dǰ pišpiš. COVID 19 upended the lives of virtually everyone in the globe. Despite this, there are some moments of 2020 that likely could have happened whether or not there is a pandemic. I term these durable moments. Today, I’m here to place these durable moments on a tier list. They range from personal triumphs to the successes of BIPOC communities. Without further ado, let’s do this ****.

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